This is the worst day ever it’s the end of summer and tomorrow I have to go to school.  Every year we host this big barbecue where all my friends come over and play but this year something super is happening… as I was saying this really cool thing is happening, there’s a meteor that has not been near the earth for 150 years (gee, that’s a long time!).

I’ll check back in with you guys later.  Guys the meteor! It’s falling, ahh!  As it flew towards us, I couldn’t see what it was.  Well, that makes me feel a bit better about school.

The giraffe

Yeah giraffes are my favourite animal!  Ahh, there’s a giraffe in my bedroom and its pink! It bit me, ahh it’s so painful! “Isla,” mum sang, “Isla, breakfast.”

“Not now mom! Not now.”  I forgot it’s the weekend today, I play for the meteors.  The court is so dirty and dusty so before we play, we’re going to put on old clothes an do some magic.  First, I have to finish this bit I have to study for this big test to see if I’m ready for grade eight, it’s so hard.  But right now, I need to get this giraffe out of my room and get a Band-Aid.

Ring Ring

Ding dong, rang the doorbell. “I’ll get the door,” said Lucy as she jumped up from her homework and rushed down the stairs.  As she did, the lights started flickering, the phone started ringing, ring-ring-ring and everything went out.  Then she started to hear the wind, whooo-whooo. Lucy started to get really scared.  She started to hear moaning that turned in to a terrible screaming. She terribly wanted to run to the phone.  As she finally got the courage to move, she began to hear laughing.  It was her older bro Greg.  “Haha,” said Greg.  “Not funny!” she said, he can be so annoying sometimes.

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